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	Day 1
	Miles Traveled : 771
	Song of the day : Limb Bizkit - Just Like This
	Quote of the day - Nice bus  -Crazy one legged guy in middle of Hwy 101 in SF

	Well we hit the road Thursday night at about 5:00pm. We cruised to Roseburg, OR
where we met up with a friend and popped the top for the night in his driveway.
	We ended up leaving Roseburg at about 8:00am, headed straight for San Fran, with a quick
stop in Ashland to get some fuel.
	The California border was only about two hours away. the "ALL VEHICLES MUST STOP FOR INSPECTION"
signs kind of scared us... but they were only interested in animals or plant life... neither 
of which we brought along on the trip. Our first stop in cali was Weed, we got some more gas
and a quick bite to eat, snapped a few pictures as you will find below and got on our way.
The next pit stop was Corning. It's definitely our candidate for olive capitol of the world,
we entered a decent size store filled with wall to wall olives. 
	After Corning was our first 100 degree experience, the thermometer in the bus
stayed around 99 to 103 for about 2  hours.. of course the bus has no A/C and we were
hotter than hell.. we discovered what we will call RedNeck A/C. Nick had to call up our
contact in San Fran, so we rolled up the windows, shut off the vents, and by the time the call
was over we were sitting at about 110 degrees. So immediately we roll down the windows, and to our 
surprise, even the 100 degree wind felt nice and cool after having the windows up... so that
became our stupid human trick for the day.
	Quick note... I would not choose to cruise through northern Cali on I-5 unless you have 3 things:
cruise control, air conditioning, and some fucked up desire to see 50 miles of flat farmland.
	Cruising into Vallejo the farms went away and another lane seemed to appear every 10 miles.
We gotta admit.. we were 2 scared crackaz from Washington state cruising into the bay area, cars
were flying by us on both sides, the wind was pretty much taking care of our lane changes for us.
But once the bay came into sight we got got our shit together, it was a nice change of pace from what
we had been seeing for the past 6 hours.
	We finally made it to John's place at around 8:00 pm. we BS'd for a bit, cleaned up and drove
the 14 or so miles back into San Fran. We had some decent ideas on where wanted to end up, And after
a 35 minute parking search we fnally got on foot. We must have walked about 5 miles around downtown 
San Fran. we walked up the way up Grant street, caught a bit of Chinatown, the fishermans wharf,
and ended up in north beach where we had dinner at a italian place called Calzones. the real fun came
after dinner.. it's about 1:00 am and we have NO idea how to get back to the bus. we were about ready to 
kill each other.. but we decided to hail a can instead. we were pretty sure of the cross-street where we
parked and we figured we would just feed the cab driver the info and we would be good to go. Well
needless to say we pissed off the cab guy too. our stupidy even fooled to cabby into driving the wrong
way down a one way street. but we found it.. got in. and made it back alive by around 2:30. Alive, but dead
tired. the last thing we had to do before bed time was to update this site and let you all know what we have
been up too.. we hope you enjoy the pics. we promise more coordinated and exciting moments to come.
Sweet Dreams, the trippin dudes.

Here we are several minutes before departing Kris' casa.
This is us getting fancy. Our picture reflection off an oil tanker doing 65mph.
Popping the top for the night in Roseburg.
Yes, Of course internet access comes standard with all 72 VW's
We had to take a munchie-break here in Weed.
It's a Palm tree! (our first one on the trip)
Got Olives?
Other pics :
Nick standing outside by the bus.
Kris standing outsite by the bus.
Bug Collection after drive to roseburg
Bug Collection after day 1
Big ass tower in SF
The drive across the 2nd bay bridge