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Day 2

Miles Traveled : 391
Song of the day : Red Hot Chili Peppers - Love Rollercoaster
Quote of the day : 
Nick - Hey, man, does mexico use miles or kilometers? 
Kris - I think it uses Pesos man.   

	Our day started at about 11:00am. And we headed straight to the Golden gate
bridge for a photo op. After hitting some heavy traffic an additional navigation problems,
we made it to the foggy bridge.
	On the way out of San Jose we had a small 30 minute discussion about direction
errors and how to avoid them in the future. After some disagreement we decided the
next time we are fucking driving around clueless that we should just pull over and
figure out where the hell we are at and where we are supposed to be headed.
	Heading further down Hwy 101 we stopped in Gonzales at about 4:15pm.
We were looking for taco bell and a toothbrush. Getting ready to go in taco bell
the passenger air conditioning(AKA window roller)died. After forcing it back up, we decided
that's how it will stay for now.
	Nick took off looking for a toothbrush and 10 minutes later he was brushing in full 
Oral-B style. this was the first time he did not have to brush macguyver style with his finger.
	We made a course change after talking to our San Fran hosts. Instead of Long Beach CA
we decided to visit Santa barbara CA. so we knocked out the 300 miles on 101 to Santa barbara
and made it into town at about 9:30pm. The young crowd and the shitload of palm trees gave us
a good impression. as we were fillin up the tank at the nearest 76, the attendant told us the only
place we needed to see was downtown. We skeptically headed downtown to check it out. As soon as we 
crossed State St. The mile long line of cars and people gave us that funny feeling in out tummies'.
	We quickly found a place to park and hit the strip. This place was hott! we were drueling 
over the clubs, shops, and cafes running up and down this 7 block stretch. after checking out
misc stores and shops and doing the typical tourist type shit we grabbed some sushi to go. Then proceeded
to get an idea, and some pictures of the SB club scene. we ended up spending about 3 hours
on on State street before heading back to the bus to eat our Sushi dinner. Now we are off to
find a spot to pop the top, this could get interesting.
tomorrow we will check the guestbook and try to get back you all.
Sweet dreams.
the trippin dudes.

The bus. The bridge. Cool huh?
A shot we took from one of the bay area scenic routes.
Nick the latex wearing pimp, ready to hit the street.
I shot of one of the many state street turnoff's.
The entrance to club Calypso.
An awesome shot of the floor inside Calypso.
It's gettin hot in herre...!
Sitting down for 2:00am sushi dinner after a long day of driving, pimping, and partying.

Other pics :
Kris at the Golden gate bridge.
Nick at the Golden gate bridge.
The latex pimp struts his stuff.
Another State street turnoff.
the front of the bus after Day 2..
Another shot of the ladies at Calypso.