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Day 3

Miles travelled : 191
Song of the day : 2pac + Dre - California love
Quote of the day : "Dude, everything we know about cali we've learned from Dr Dre albums?!?"

	Before we get started, we just wanted to say the Cali stereotypes we know of are 
	Everywhere we have been in Cali the people have been great. We are from out of state,
and we probably look like hippies, but from all we have experienced, we are happy with
this state and it's people.

	We woke up early behind a dark amtrak station just 1 block from State St. in santa barbara
California. Due to our State St. buzz, we stuck to the healthy four and a half hours we have been
	We went to the beach to check out the palm trees and waves. When we got our fill of Santa
Barbara, we hit the road in high spirits.
	We hopped off Hwy 101 at about 11:30 am in Universal City. Getting our bearings and gas,
a couple came over to check out the bus. So we started pumping the local for info. We discovered
the guy(Ken) worked as a network analyst for Universal Studios while askinf for some directions.
	He told us how to get there and what to check out. We changed and cleaned up... 20 minutes
later were buying our tickets.
	Our timing was perfect to see waterworld, we walked in minutes later with no delay.
Then we caught terminator 2 3-D, got soaked in the front seats of jurassic park the ride,
dried off in the backdraft set, took the backlot tram tour, and capped it all off with the back to the 
future ride.
	After a kick-ass 6 hours, we took off to check out Sunset and Hollywood Blvd. A couplt hours
later, after eating on Sunet, we headed back up the the Universal studios city walk. The city walk
was bigger than we thought and blew away our expectations with it's Vegas like style.
	We ended up spending about 12 hours in the Universal City/Hollywood area and we could
not have asked for anything more. 
	We are back on 101 headed for Vegas
Sweet Dreams.
the trippin dudes.

An early morning shot of the bus before we depart Santa Barbara.
Us outside Universal before we begin the bad-ass experience.
A nice shot of the waterworld set before the show.
\ We were too cheap the pay 23.00 for the damn photo. so we snapped a shot of the screen instead.
Shot 1 of the City walk.

Other pics :
A crazy pelican.
Kris in front of the Fast and the Furious Jetta.
Nick in front of the Fast and the Furious Jetta.
Holy pez dispensers batman.