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Day 4

Miles travelled : 174
Song of the day : Nelly - Hot in herre
Quote of the day : "Is he 21? you must be 21 to rent a hotel room in Las Vegas"

	Day 4 started out in Barstow CA, we woke up at about 9:30 and 
we wanted badly to head north. the tempurature was at about 102 degrees,
we were sitting in a huge Semi parking lot next to a Flying J travel center.
so we got up and went inside to get a shower and do a quick load of laundry.
The laundry room in Flying J was great. all 3 people in there seemed mentally challenged
one lady was ranting and laughing at hitting herself while claiming she had 999,999,999.00
dollars and that the CIA and FBI we're coming after her.. the other 2 could not
stop chatting about nudie bars right across the LV border.. we knew we were surrounded
by the trucking industries finest. one of the laundry people was even victim to some
"Crazy female driver" hitting their truck.
After we tossed our stuff in the dryer we decided to head over the the 
"95 outlet store" shopping center about 200 yards away. that 200 yard walk
was the worst walk we've ever taken. it was about 3:00pm by this time and we
were running about a 112 temp outside. we checked out a few outlet stores and
headed back to flying J. got our stuff together then hit up an In and Out burger
before getting back onto I-15 north.
	We drove about an hour and a half before getting to Baker CA, We pretty
much had to get of the fucking road, we could NOT take it anymore. the wind
passing us by felt like we were constantly driving behind the worlds biggest hairdryer.
we pulled off just to see that the thermometer was reading about 120, we found a spot in the shade
and just tried to be as still as possible.. we ended up taking a nap for about an hour..
and got back on I-15 north.
	The Nevada border came at about 8:30pm and we saw the light from the Luxor a short time after.
after getting to our contacts place and checking out the hotel situation, we decided to book
a room online at the Imperial Palace. we got back in the bus and headed for the strip. 
	Now here is where the fun starts.  We are sitting the intersection of Flamingo and
Las Vegas Blvd(The Strip). and the the bus starts to sputter, by the time the light goes green the bus is dead
in the road. we miss 1 light and manage to sputter across the intersection when the next green light hits.
the next intersection is a left turn into the Paris hotel, we attempted to sputter across into the parking lot
with no luck, We had to get out and push through the last half of Las Vegas Blvd. After checking out the bus
and letting it cool for a minute.. we start it up and try to head back to the Imperial Palace parking garage.
we almost had to push it up a 30 foot hill into the garage, but we made it inside and got parked.
	So now we head up to the check-in counter to get our room and get into some A/C. Not only
did could the clerk not find our reservation we had made online 2 hours prior, but he pretty much informed
us that unless we were 21 years of age, we were not going to be checking in to this hotel or any other hotel 
in the city. Words cannot describe how pissed off we were, we stormed back to the bus to sit in the 99 degree
wind-free parking garage with no clue what to do. After much worry and intesne intense thinking, we decided
to call out super-hero host Kevin from LV. He came down co-checked in for us and got us all setup, the whole time
asking us whether or not we needed anything else, as if getting out of bed at midnight and driving 15 minutes through LV
to come to our rescue was not enough. We love you Kevin. Thank you so much once Again.
	After lugging our crap upstairs to the room and basking in the A/C for about 15 minutes we 
started to hear our stomach's rumble. We hit the strip and went down to the aladdin hotel. It was still 
over 95 degrees outside and it's about 2:30 am at this time. The aladdin had a pretty nice Cafe inside,
the  Zanzibar cafe actually, we ordered some grub and several drinks each before retiring back the our room
to pass out.
	We apologize for the lack of picture etc. It was hot, late, and things were not exactly going as planned.
more pictures of vegas to come. we will see you soon.
The trippin dudes.

Early morning pic of the camper at the truck stop in Barstow. Kris is upstairs and it's already 90 Degrees out.
Our first view of the strip coming in from I-15.
A closer view of the strip while we head to Kevins place.