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Day 5 

Miles travelled - approx 4 (on foot)
Song of the day - Weezer island in the sun
Quote of the day - There are 2 things free in Vegas, Heat and Dust, and you can take as much of either as you want. - Cabby

	Not too much news.. we mostly stayed on foot and just enjoyed Vegas, We got up and got ready and met
Kevin at Denny's for Dinner.. it was sort of a thank you dinner, then we cruised back to the strip starting at the Hard
Rock Hotel, Straight after that we went to Gameworks and spent about 3 hours playing video games.
	After the arcade we walked the strip a bit.. checked out the Luxor, MGM grand, and Excalibur hotels.
got back to IP and hung out for a bit before hitting up the Boardwalk Buffet at 3:00am(It was only $6.00!).
we are tired and ready to hit the sack. wish us luck on the road tomorrow.
sweet dreams
the trippin dudes.

Here we are at Denny's with super-hero Kevin and his kids Gabriel, Emily, Olivia, and Zeke. Kevin's friendly Neighbors Paul and Jamie decided to join us with their 2 daughters.
This is a shot of GameWorks. it only shows about 1/5th of the place.
Well, now we know what's for dinner...
A nice shot of the strip from one of the foot bridges.
Other pics :
View 1 from our hotel room.
View 2 from out hotel room.
Another shot of the GameWorks floor.
MGM's Cover band "Venus" playing above the bar.
Stationary mechanical camels attack Kris!.