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Day 6 

Miles travelled : 467
Song of the day : Cake - All of their songs.
Quote of the day : Man, Utah smells like ass. - trippin dudes

	Well our first destination after getting up and checking out of the IP
was Meyers VW, so we could figure out why we had to push the damn bus across
Las vegas blvd. The solution was actually pretty bad ass.. we checked out several
different things and drove it a bit, and Jose Meyer told us everything was fine
and it must have been a vapor lock.. AKA : their was air in the gas lines which caused
the bus to behave like it was constantly running out of gas. We are taking a few 
precautions to prevent it next time, keeping the tank as full as possible, leaving the gas
cap a bit loose, and we even found the fuel pressure valve we can open incase it gets bad enough to keep
us off the road. The bus ended up running great all the way to Nephi UT, a 380 mile drive.
	After meyers we headed back to the strip, we went to the stratosphere first to 
ride on the Big shot and High roller, both rides located on top of the stratosphere tower.
The big shot was a trip, you sit in the chairs and it shoots you up about 300 feet on an already 909foot high
tower in a matter of seconds, then lets go to simulate a free fall back down the tower, some choice words
were used during the ride but we both thought it was a kick-ass rush.
	Then we spent a few hours just checking out nearby hotels. We were both really tired and
we thought we would try to take a nap in the bus before heading towards Salt Lake, A half hour 
of "napping" when we were dripping with sweat we decided it was a fuckin joke and we headed for 
I-15  North.
	After leaving vegas we just tried to put as many miles behind us as we could. we wanted to get
to Salt Lake sometime the next morning. We saw our first 75mph speed sign which was pretty nuts.
we even took a little trek through Arizona that we did not expect, bringing te road trip total
up to 6 states we will visit. It decided to rain for about 20 minutes when we got into Utah, so we got to use
to wipers for the 2nd time on the trip.
	BTW, Utah really fucking smells, the whole time all we noticed was a odor similar to dirty diapers,
rotten grass, huge goat farms, and some rancid rotten milk. We have no clue why it reaked so bad.
We made it to another Flying J in Nephi UT where we are crashing for the night.
sweet dreams
the trippin dudes.

Checking out the bus at Meyers VW in LV.
A picture of the view from the top of the Stratosphere.
A nice picture of the canal inside the Venetian.
Some cool statues inside Ceasars palace.
Michaelangelo's David inside the palace.
Other pics :
Nick screwing with the bus at Meyers VW.
Another picture of the canal.
Yet another picture inside the Venetian.
Ceasar inside the palace.