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Day 7

Miles travelled : 134
Song of the day : Good charlotte - Little things
Quote of the day : we're professionals at getting lost. - trippin dudes

	We had a nice drive from Nephi to complete the trip to SLC from Vegas.
we rolled into SLC at about 2:30pm and got situated. then we headed straight to downtown SLC.
The first place we headed was the tabernacle, we hung around the park watched some people
and grabbed a few photos, then headed further downtown where we saw the blues show setting up.
We decided to come back later to check it out. 
	After walking around for a while we found a cool outdoor shopping center, watched a movie
then headed back for the blues concert. We got back to the bus and we have the top popped now at about
midnight to get some sleep
	We planned on Salt Lake and Boise to be a bit more quiet and relaxing, so please try not expect too much excitement.
We have had alot of fun the past 7 days, and have seen and done so much that we kind of feel like taking it easy.
hope you dont mind. afterall, this is our vacation :P
Sweet dreams
the trippin dudes

The trippin dudes in Nephi UT.

The big thing that attracts people to SLC.
We did manage to find a safe place to sleep for the night.
We even caught a bit of the blues concert downtown.
The Carl's JR here even charges you to take a leak.
Other pics :
another shot of the bus in camp mode, this time in Nephi UT.
A picture of the park near the tabernacle. It was sweet, the picture does it little justice
An outdoor shopping center close to downtown.