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Day 9 

Miles travelled :  530
Song of the day - Sugar Ray - Answer the phone
Quote of the day : Man, there is no way you would fit inside the gemini space capsule - The dude

	We woke at at 10:00am and babied the bus over to bow wow automotive in 1st and 3rd gear only
(no 2nd). Luckily, they had the part the bus needed. Nick spent about a half hour under the bus in tight quarters
taking the old shift coupler out and putting the new one in. Afterwards, not only was the problem fixed, but the bus was 
shifting better than it ever had before.
	We headed back to the campground that we noticed on the way to bow wow, in search of a shower.
thankfully, they had 3. Nick took the last shower and Kris took the 3rd one, leaving the middle shower available.
about 5 minutes later some loud dude came stumbling into the middle shower stall. Within seconds the dude started ranting
about the Aerospace program. When one of us dropped something in the shower, the dude began going off about the astronaut
who made it to the moon and back only to fall and break his leg in the shower. For the next 10 minutes, the dude yelled out
a history lesson over the stalls while we finished showering.
	While we were brushing our teeth, the dude poked out of of his stall buck-ass bakes just to say hello and see
who he had been talking too the whole time.
	A few minutes later he popped out of the shower wearing just shorts and purple sunglasses looking alot like Jeff
	He looked up at Nick and said, "Man, there is no way you would fit inside the gemini space capsule," and walked out 
	For the next couple of hours we checked out the Boise Saturday market and downtown Boise before getting on I-84
and heading for home. 
	On I-84 not much went on accept some rocking out, gas stops, and Nick made out with a llama, 
that sort of thing.
	At about 8:00 pm we were getting close to the columbia river gorge. With Nick in the driver seat
we started to notice the trees moving quite a bit, and everything from trash to folage blowing across the highway.
The bus is tall and square so it was shifting around quite a bit with the wind, we were sort of used to it being on the 
road for the last 8 days, so we did not think too much of it. The wind shoved the bus into the fast lane like it was
nothing. For the next 50 miles the bus was blown around in approximately 40-60mph winds. We exchanged scared-as-hell looks
but were on a sort of thrill ride at the same time as we were being blown around like a tin can in a tornado. 
	Besides that the 470 mile drive from Boise to Longview was not too nerve-racking, actually most of the drive was
quite cool. We spent most of the time talking about the things we had seen and done, and sort of re-living the past
9 days.
	We are about a half hour away from home and we are both looking forward to getting
back to our regular lives.

Kris and Nick
the trippin dudes.

Bad coupler on the left, along with zip-tie floormat pieces. Good coupler on the right, which we installed shortly after the picture.
The Idaho Capitol building, try to ignore the stoplights!
Nick lloves llama's. Frank the llama giving nick some sugah.
A view from the road about 30 minutes after we get into Oregon.
Our insect collection from Utah and Idaho.