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The End

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The End.

Total miles travelled - 3067
Dollars spent on Gas - $314.16
Average miles per gallon - 16.6
Dead VW's we saw on the road - 3
Times we got semi's to toot their horns - 48 (yes we counted)
Gestures made toward the bus - Tons.

	This was a great journey for us. Even when problems came up, we both soldiered on.
When we could'nt find a shower, or when the bus was acting up, or we could'nt find a place to stay,
and even when god punished us with 125 degree weather, nothing kept us down for long. We both think
our friendship was key to surviving these ten days. 

We both were surprised at how much fun we had. Despite not having plans for our destinations, we had no problem finding things to do. And usually the good times found us (as you can see). Some of the coolest times we had were on the open road just bullshitting and seeing new scenes and driving in places we'd never been before. On the final leg of the trip, we really noticed how quickly the last ten ass-kicking days had flew by. We both knew that we had to do this again someday. Despite all of this, nothing can describe the natural high you get when you finally complete a journey like this. With Longview in site we both were wearing shit-eating grins. We knew our normal lives, our ladies, and our own beds were just a few minutes away. The journey was finally was coming to an end... We'd like to give our thanks to the following group of people : Russ and Mike for help with the site, Dr. Orth for helping with some last minute bus preperations, Eric for a spot to stay in Roseburg OR, John Tai for his help in San Fran, Universal Ken for his great advice, superhero-Kevin for his spot to stay, his help getting us a hotel room in Vegas, directing us to a local VW shop, and for helping whenever possible, Thanks to Jode Meyer at Meyers VW in Vegas for letting us use his shop and giving us his advice free of charge, Thanks to Tom in SLC for the killer advice and place to camp, Andrew in Boise for his accomodations, we want to thank everyone in lview that was there for us, finally, thanks to everyone who came and watched our progress on this website, your support is really appreciated. The trippin dudes.

Another shot of the vehicle that inspired and made this trip what it was.

Kris getting ready for a night in Las Vegas. Mix Accordingly.

A close up self taken shot of Nick in the hotel room.

Us and our ladies the day after our return. Now you can see why we were anxious to get back home.
Other pics :
Updating the site from inside the bus in San Fran.
A shot of the red carpet on the way out of Universal Studios.
It's fake man. It's fake.
Kris with the incredible hulk, No that's not bird shit on his shoulder.