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Day 8 

Miles travelled : 405
Song of the day : Tenacious D - Tribute
Quote of the day : Thank god for Floormats and zip-ties - Nick

	We woke up in Tom's front yard under his tree at about 1:30pm, it was 
agreed that it was the most peaceful sleep we'd had on the trip... 
	After getting ready and hitting the road we drove about 15 minutes north of Salt Lake and 
stopped at Antelope Island which is located in the Great Salt Lake. Once we learned there were bison
on the island we went hunting, it only took about 15 minutes before we found our first herd and so we snapped
some pictures and headed back for I-15. 
	So we are getting some gas about 5 minutes from the Idaho border, We are heading back onto I-15 and Kris
is in the driver seat. we start off and Kris realizes that there is no 2nd gear. or 3rd gear for that matter
a few tries later.. and after Nick goes at for a few tries we decide something is not right. We checked for leaks
and started investigating under the bus. Kris was inside shifting gears while Nick observed what was going on from 
underneath. and it was pretty obvious that the coupler from the transmission to the gear linkage was in bad shape.
it was mostly flopping around inside the linkage not pulling or turning the shift rod like it was supposed too
there was probably about a 1/2 inch of play where there should be some sort of big nylon or rubber washer making sure
things were tight. lots if head scratching went on for about 10 minutes... then Nick decided to go MacGuyver style once more.
zip-tying 2 pieces of rubber floormat around the linkage to lessen the gap. we once again had 4 gears to shift through.
we made it to boise, at which time the ziptie floormat started to give up. We lost 2nd gear and made it only using 1st and 3rd to our
Contacts (Andrew) place. We found a few parts stores in the area so we should be able to find the parts and get them installed
first thing tomorrow. we are waiting for our Papa John's and then hitting the bus for some sleep.
Sweet dreams
The trippin dudes

Camp mode in Tom's front yard. Notice his double cab VW off to the left.
A picture of the "Great" Salt lake. Like the rest of Utah, It was rancid smelling too.
Being the stupid tourists we were, there is no way we cared what this sign said. as you will see...
Look at all the Bison! Look! They are humping!!!
Other pics :
Here is Nick in Steve Irwin mode.